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The core content of the bank safe deposit box business

Bank deposit box business use method
1) the lessee may access the goods at any time during the bank’s business hours. When the case is out of the box, the application form shall be signed according to the original retained signature (or seal, password), together with the valid identity document of the bank.
2) seal, key lost treatment. After the key is lost, the lessee shall bring valid identification to the bank in writing and seal the procedure promptly. Safe deposit box key whether one or two lost by the hirer to fill in the “lost the key statement and issue a new key application form, pay the relevant fees, some other time to hire professionals to chisel lock, lock.
Bank deposit box business lease procedures
1) the tenant requests for rent box and presents his valid identification. Upon examination by the bank, the lessee shall fill in the seal card of the safekeeping box, retain the signature or stamp pattern (or fingerprint, password, etc.) and sign the lease.
2) pay the rent, deposit, face unpacking acceptance two key box, a bank clerk accompanied by storage out of the box, and explain the relevant matters needing attention.
3) if a joint lease (or a client) is required, the two party must hold valid identification and go to the bank at the same time when they apply for renting the box for the first time. After the opening, with the original agreement, by one person alone can open the safe deposit box.
4) safekeeping shall not transfer, sublet or to others.

What’s the size of the safe?

Size of household safes
Usually people in addition to set up on their own personal safety consciousness, is also a worthy of protection of part of the property security, often see news writing, so people bitten a hole million deposit, heavy at any time. Encountered such a thing, really want to cry without tears, so at ordinary times we have to establish a sense of property security protection. Today, Xiao Bian brings all the information about the safe, and I hope it will help you.
I. safe
Size of household safes
A small clinic had suffered a thief, but fortunately, outpatient was the thief, but no indoor property losses, the reason lies in the clinic each layer has safe, clinic liquidity every day are stored in the safe, so this is completely safe liledagong, saved property. Safes are used to preserve confidential documents or financial containers, and the safes in the market have the widest range of fire safes and safes, so they have the greatest demand.
Size of household safes
A lot of fire disaster, but in fact caused many fires are the man-made factors, firefighters said: “among the many fires he experienced, basically did not see a safe survive” in fact, the safe life we use are mostly from the theft, many do not have fire safety features. So a fire safe, simple theft can not play a protective role, you need to fire safe.

What’s the difference between a safe deposit box and a safe deposit box?

What’s the difference between a safe and a safe?

“Safe” and “safe” not only in the literal sense only one word, its shape and color of the box is also no different, the use of locks also follow the safe with a different mechanical password, electronic password, don’t say the average consumer is difficult to distinguish between, is some practitioners of the difference between the two is also easy blurred. The box is a safe price cheaper, some manufacturers will be based on the product description or presentation materials, intentionally use words to make consumers ready to accept either course, confuse the two, induce consumers to buy, while the “safe” and “safe” in the material and use the basic anti-theft function is great difference. So, how do you differentiate the safe deposit box from the safe deposit box?

The following to Yongfa safe custody box and cases on the market comparison can be identified from the following points:

First, whether there is a CCC mark on the box?

Safety deposit box: Yes

Safe deposit box: None

In 2004 the insurance box was included in the national mandatory product catalog, October 1, 2005, did not obtain mandatory certification certificate and did not add the safe posted sign CCC, not the factory, sales, export or used in other business activities. So now the market for the safes box must be affixed with a CCC mark, if not that is the so-called safe deposit box or a collection box, etc.. And the deposit box can not reach the national compulsory certification standard, it is impossible to obtain compulsory certification, of course, the box can not be affixed with “CCC” sign.

Which brand is safe?

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